About Mangle

What is Mangle?

Mangle opens a random website from the internet. Mangle uses Google's web API to display the page that is ranked highest in that Google search with a random selection of words.

There are many random webpage finders on the internet -- why is Mangle different?

Almost all sites that claim to send you to a random web page pick a link from a database of links. Two major disadvantages to this is that you are limited to the websites that are submitted to the database, and pages that have been in the database for a long time get old, and are more likely to be offline.

Mangle uses software recently released by Google to search their database of over 2 billion web pages which is constantly updated and refined by the Google staff. The links are usually fresh and new pages are added on a regular basis. The only limitation here is the size and quality of the word database used.

I made a page summarising all the websites that use random page finders. Most use user-submitted links, however Yahoo! has a script that will send you to a random page within their index, which is probably the best index database on the internet. View it here.

What is the size/quality of the word database?

There are currently 7111 words in the database. I used a wordlist of the 10000 most common english words, then removed all words that contained hyphens, quotes or capital letters. I also removed all two letter words and the first 30 or so words, since they were common words such as 'how', 'the', 'as', etc.

The number of possible web pages that you can choose from is dependent on the number of search words used and the size of the database. The number of possible combinations from different database sizes and number of search words is displayed in the table below.

Database size: Number of possible word combinations using:
2 words 3 words 4 words 5 words 6 words
10 words 45 120 210 252 210
100 words 5000 0.2 Million 3.9 Million 75 Million 1.2 Billion
1000 words 0.5 Million 166 Million 41 Billion 8.2 Trillion 1400 Trillion
7111 words 25 Million 60 Billion 106 Trillion 151 Quadrillion 179 Quintillion

Some combinations will not generate any pages, and it is possible that the same page will be displayed with different word combinations, so the actual number of pages available will be lower than what is presented above.


I have looked for and tried many random links on the internet but was not happy with the results. There are a couple other sites using the method described above, however they are lacking several features and the degree of automation that I wanted. So I made my own.

There is an incredible amount of information (and misinformation) on the internet, and this is the best way to sample it all. Its also a great way to kill a few minutes!

What exactly does 'Mangle' mean?

Mangle is a combination of two words: Google and Mango! Mango is my cats name, and you have to click her head to go to a random site.

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