To Start:
Mangle works by submitting random words to search engines, then opening the first result. Click on the M in the top-right hand corner to go to a new random web page.

The Country option restricts searches to webpages from specific countries, while the language will return pages written in specific languages. If used, these options work best if only 1 or 2 words are used in the search.

A custom word can be specified, which will always be used in the searches. Very useful to find webpages around a certain topic. Leave blank or as '*custom word*' to disable. You can specify extra parameters such as site and filetype restrictions in this field, as described in Google's reference documentation.

The number of words used in the search can be 1 to 5. Using more words will find more obscure websites, but also increases the chances of not finding anything.

Selecting safemode will filter all adult material from the searches. This is a filter provided by Google, and while no filter is 100% effective, it is very good at removing any questionable content.

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