Ever wonder just what's out there on the vast internet? The Mangle Toolbar is an internet browser extension for the Firefox browser that lets you surf the entire internet completely at random. Websites, images, video and more all at your fingertips!


The toolbar is ready to use out of the box. Just hit "Go" and random websites will pop into your browser.

User Options: Using the default "Any Webpage" will open random websites into your browser. You can also select specific websites such as Yahoo, Ask, MSN and Google to return search results of websites, images, audio, video, news, etc.

Users can select the number of words to use (using more words returns more obscure results), enter custom words to always be used in searches and enter your own search engine not already listed. See the help menu in the toolbar for more information.

Compatibility: The Mangle Toolbar has been tested with Firefox 0.9 - 2.0 under Windows XP and Linux. The Mangle Toolbar will NOT work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, please download the popular Firefox Internet Browser instead. 

Download: See this page to download and install the Mangle Toolbar.

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Latest updates:

December 30 , 2006

The Mangle Toolbar has been updated to version 1.0 to be compatible with the recently released Firefox 2.0. I've also fixed the incompatibilities it had with other toolbars, such as the Yahoo and Google toolbars, so there should be no more crashes with Mangle! The Google API search has been removed, as it has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Google. Please contact me with any bugs or problems.

November 11, 2006

Some users have informed me there are incompatibilities with the Mangle toolbar and other extensions (notably Yahoo, Kaboodle and possibly the Google toolbar) which causes Firefox to crash. I've found the source of the issue and will release an update, and will also make it compatible with the release of the new version of Firefox. Oddly enough, if Mangle is installed before the other extensions, it works fine.

January 12, 2006

Mangle Toolbar version 0.9 released, which is a major overhaul from the previous version. 7 search engines were added to the toolbar, in addition to already present Google. A license key is only required for the Google web API (Google search engine does not require a license), the others are not restricted. The toolbar is now compatible with the new Firefox 1.5 release.

January 4, 2006

A new version compatible with Firefox 1.5 is complete and will be released shortly. The toolbar is no longer centric around the Google API, and has support for multiple search engines. It can also search for more than just random websites -- random images, news, music and video are at your fingertips! stay tuned.

August 18, 2005

Mangle Toolbar version 0.5 released. The scope of the toolbar has changed somewhat, before it was ideal to have a Google License key to pop random sites into the browser, the only thing it did. Now the toolbar plugin can explore various areas of the internet, such as the world wide web, Usenet, pictures, news reports and others via the Google search engine. The next release will have support for multiple search engines (such as Yahoo, MSN, etc).

June 29, 2005

First release: Mangle Toolbar version 0.2 for the Firefox internet browser. Bug reports, comments and suggestions welcome!